Pictures at a hotdog stand

Short preface for this blog post: I told Olivia, who was taking the pictures, that I look like the love child of a hobo and Steve Jobs. Despite that, I still stand by my decision to wear this.

So today I’ll be answering any questions you may have about this outfit right here in a short Q&A.

Q: You wear glasses?

A: Ummmmmmm no. But aren’t they cute? (And if you’re in Raleigh and missing a pair of designer glasses with a slight prescription, I DEFINITELY DON’T HAVE THEM.)

Q: …so did you just layer every piece of black clothing you own?

A: Of course I did.

Q: Did you take these pictures at a hotdog stand?

A: Of course I did.


And if you’re wondering why I look so uncomfortable in these pictures, you haven’t seen enough of my blog posts.

dsc_0131 dsc_0132 dsc_0138



Givenchy glasses | Nike socks | Target shoes | Forever 21 shift dress | H&M quarter sleeve faux-ish turtleneck | Kat von D lipstick in Vampira


(For real though if you think these are your glasses I kept them safe for you, just tell me where you think you left them. 🙂 )

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