poor timing

poor timing

So for my birthday last November, my sisters all got me a remote and a stand for my DSLR, which I know I really needed so I could stop desperately searching for an Instagram Husband (Olivia and my roommate from last year are my Instagram Husbands, for sure) and finally just take my own pictures.

Because I’m me, and it seemed way more complicated than it actually was, I put it off for a…. well like 5 months. BUT I actually did break it out of it’s package earlier this month to set it up and try and figure it out. As it turns out, the remote was easy to set up, but I’m absolute TRASH at self timed photos.

I can be super impatient (I inch forward like no other at stop lights), so when I couldn’t get my remote to work for the first million and a half photos and was instead just looking like a complete goon in public, I was kind of annoyed. Like, I just like writing and wearing all my favorite clothes at once! I don’t even like photos of myself! Why am I taking these!

….but even thought I felt super silly and awkward, I kept taking photos (PERSEVERANCE FOR NO REASON, YOU GUYS), and it resulted in major resting b*tch face for like, every photo. Except that’s a lie, because I wasn’t resting. It was just me being actively annoyed.

And after an hour, I got a solid two pictures of my outfit in that weren’t blurry. I also stopped trying to hide the remote and just literally used it like I was watching TV or something. Whoops.

So to sum it all up, this isn’t even a real outfit post. It’s more like a learning experience (or a cry for help? Raleigh fashion bloggers who use remote controls to take their photos! I need you in my life! Mentor me!). Next time I’ll be more patient, and I’ll have a better idea of what I’m doing, at least. Ya learn from everything, friends.

And I even included a ***BONUS PIC*** you never asked for of me, right after I put on my makeup, taking my FIRST EVER remote selfie. The pure bliss I felt before I realized I was really bad at using remotes. :’)

And yes that is an adidas visor, and it is almost 100% pointless. Woo!

DSC_0248-2 DSC_0244-2DSC_0221-2

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