If you’re living in Raleigh and you haven’t taken pictures on Boylan bridge, please hit me up and we can work something out because goodness gracious this is my favorite spot ever.

I took some photos with my two friends here today, and I’m absolutely in love with all of them. Rebekah took some of me, as well, so I can post them on here!

I’m absolutely LIVING in these mom jeans since I picked them up at a Goodwill in early December. I’m not sure what pants I wore before I wore these. I’m obsessed. It’s bad. That high waist!!! The red stitching!!! It’s so beautiful and dorky and everything I could have asked for in a pair of mom jeans!!!!

Paired, of course, with my most scandalous Urban Outfitters top (I’m not a very scandalous person. I’m wearing high waisted jeans, don’t you forget) and some fake Keds from Target, really I’m findin’ that perfect balance.

DSC_0298 DSC_0299 DSC_0302 Urban Outfitters shirt | Thrifted jeans | Target shoes

Eeeep isn’t Raleigh beautiful! Happy Saturday, friends!

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