we found a field.

we found a field.


I’m one exam ( for a textile entrepreneurship class that was literally the most inspiring course I’ve ever taken) away from being done with my sophomore year! Woo. *confetti*

Earlier this month I was really REALLY wanting to take photos of some people in a field, which I guess is a weird craving. North Carolina highways have killer random fields of sunflowers and other flowers that I would definitely misname so I’m not going to even try, and my first thought was to pull off on the side of the road to jump in one of those.

That didn’t end up working out because there was no way in h*ck I was pulling my car off on the side of the highway by choice.

Luckily, we found this gorgeous field of wildflowers near the Schenck Forest entrance of Umstead right in Raleigh!! And now every time I look at these pictures I’m like oh my gosh my friends are angels. 








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