dark brown hair

dark brown hair

Surprise! While I was not blogging I was busy dyeing my hair (oops) (sorry) (are you even surprised). I’m really digging dark brown and it’s a good way to make me stop changing my poor hair, because once you dye it darker it’s nearly impossible to tint blue or purple or box dye red.

The good news: with all my experience dyeing and cutting hair, I could maybe make it in the real world as a REALLY really mediocre hair stylist! So, I figured I’ll pass along my horrible list of tips in case you also feel like changing your identity at 5pm one night after a trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply.


**Disclaimer: I’m not lying when I say I’m really mediocre at hair dying. I’ve just done it a lot. This is just my limited wisdom for you, even though I’m totally not qualified to offer it.

  1. Don’t bleach your own hair, because it will probably turn orange, and even though you can fix it with more bleach it still really is not that great of an idea. Going blonde is really cool, but it’s a lot of work, and it’s probably best left to the professionals (still – I have no regrets).
  2. Don’t buy a box dye from Target or CVS or the Dollar Tree. May seem like an easy way to change your color, but it really doesn’t work quite as well as just buying your own color + low volume developer from a beauty supply store (do your research! There are some good tutorials out there!).  The main problem I had when I box dyed mine was that it faded very quickly, and turned out a totally random color. Eh.
  3. Use gloves even though you think you don’t need gloves. You need gloves. I promise. It’ll stay around your fingernails forever.
  4. Semi-permanent, unnatural colors (I’ve been pink, purple, and a subtle blue) don’t last long. I shower every day with running and everything, so mine faded in 1-2 weeks. While that kind of stinks, it also means you can reapply new colors every once in a while for some new looks. H*ck, yes. 🙂 I found as long as I didn’t use more bleach when changing colors, my hair didn’t seem to get any more damaged. Everyone may be different though!
  5. By choosing to dye your own hair, you’re basically saying that you don’t care if you end up looking like someone threw up on your head. Because it’s bound to happen eventually. Your hair color will be really wonky. You’ll look like a grape when you were trying to look like a pastel purple/silver mix. It happens. Wear hats.

So, happy dyeing. And I know, I need iron my shorts. I’m a mess.

DSC_0938 DSC_0939 DSC_0947

Mimi Chica (Nordstrom) shorts | Topshop crop top

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