Why (and how) you should create something every day

Why (and how) you should create something every day

A friend and I were talking about fashion, art, and how much we love creating things in general the other day. He was telling me about how, for a while, he had a goal of creating at least one thing every day, whatever that thing may be, and I absolutely love this idea.

I try to create things as often as I can, because I’m definitely one to believe that creativity is partially a learned trait. It has such a reputation of being an innate quality, but I truly think that anyone can be creative with enough practice. Everyone has ideas. I think that what sets apart the “creative” or the “artistic” people from everyone else is just their willingness to act on those ideas, and their willingness to fail until they can become good – just like with everything else in the world. Practice makes perfect.

Obviously, not everyone enjoys the same ways to express their creativity, so the next step is to find something that you can make and that can make you happy in return. And once you find it, it’ll be so cool to be able to have this thing that you created yourself and that came from nothing. Like, you did this!!!! And it’s amazing, even if it’s not actually amazing, because it’s something that exists now that didn’t used to, and something that you brought to life! And the more you make of whatever it is, the better you’ll get. You just have to find your thing.

But what if you don’t think you’re creative? What if you have nothing that you can make? What do you do then?

Try new things! Try everything! There’s an infinite amount of things that you can create, whole new ideas that no ones ever thought of but combine all of your favorite interests and that someone out there (even if it’s just you) will love.

And that’s why I’m challenging you to start creating 1 new thing a day!! Big or small. And maybe you’ll find out that you’re actually really good at some of the things you make, or that you really enjoy it, and it’ll help you see your world just a little bit differently.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


33 ideas



  1. Sew something simple (just a headband, even! An apron! Pajamas!)
  2. Paint a wine glass, a coffee mug, or a piece of clothing – anything but paper.
  3. Embroider a flower or your favorite saying or an offensive joke onto a towel
  4. Draw a self-portrait without lifting your pen
  5. Learn an instrument (I promise you, it’s so easy to become a mediocre ukulele player)
  6. Sew patches on a denim jacket
  7. Cut up one of your old t-shirts and try to turn it into something new
  8. Write a poem (easy: haikus / hard: sonnets in iambic pentameter)
  9. Cut up a pair of old jeans into some shorts
  10. Piece together a completely monochromatic outfit
  11. Style something you own in a way you’d never have thought to wear it before
  12. Make a DIY face mask/hair mask/spa day
  13. Actually make one of the recipes you pinned on Pinterest three years ago
  14. Write the scariest story you can think of – only catch – it has to be under 250 words.
  15. Start a blog to write about or take photos of something you like!!
  16. Buy a DSLR camera (or check one out from your University’s library! It’s a thing!) and take photos of your friends
  17. ….or have your friends take photos of you
  18. Buy something from a thrift store and alter it (bleach it, cut it, paint it, dye it, sew it, whatever you can!)
  19. Make the dumbest, most relatable meme that you think of and call it #art
  20. Break out your middle school gel pens (if they still work – did they ever work??) and doodle your heart out
  21. Create black out poetry: Pick up a book from a thrift store and with a marker, black out words to reveal a *not so* secret poem with whatever you’ve left untouched
  22. Start a weekly scrap book journal and collage together all the things important to you for that week in an aesthetically pleasing (or absolutely hideous, whatever works) way
  23. Bake the fanciest cake of your life
  24. Write a love letter (to your boyfriend? to your best friend? to yourself?)
  25. Edit a photo. Make it ugly. Make it beautiful.
  26. Make a Rube Goldberg machine: because there is probably something really simple in your life that you could make a LOT more complicated with a series of perfectly aligned steps.
  27. Become your local king/queen of snapchat art and turn you and your friends into mermaids, or dragons, or birds of prey. I dunno what you’re into.
  28. Write this down: what does your dream world look like? Is the sky orange? Is the grass pink? Is everyone bald but wears wigs and have wheels for feet? (Oops maybe that’s just my dream world.)
  29. Make jewelry (you can buy wires to bend into rings or stones and links to make necklaces & earrings – check your local craft store!)
  30. Tie dye something you have thats white and stained. Maybe you’ll never wear it, but you’ll also probably never wear a stained white t-shirt, so what’s the loss here?
  31. Film a dramatic, short movie with your friends. If you’re bad at filming things, just make it one of those first person POV movies that gives people headaches and are used for at least 30% of all bad horror films.
  32. Design a website! Take some courses, learn to code.
  33. Make the worlds most mediocre band by gathering together everyone you know with slight musical talent. You always knew that black belt in recorder from fifth grade would come in handy.

Get out there!!



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