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I don’t wear leotards like Kourt K

I don’t wear leotards like Kourt K

So I’m tryna find a good bodysuit/leotard pun, and somehow instead of some pun inspiration, I find an article about how Kourtney Kardashian wears her leotards. Spoiler: it’s not at all like this. Usually, a normal person (read, non-kardash. love u xox) wears their cute lil […]

That 70’s outfit

That 70’s outfit

Olivia came home for the weekend and showed up looking like a babe in her 70’s-era-inspired romper & platforms. It’s the perfect look for the next time you sorta wanna dress like a hippie but also wanna be modern and stylish and cute (all the time, right?). […]

DIY: Easy Anthropology-inspired apron

DIY: Easy Anthropology-inspired apron

I decided to sit down and watch like, 6 episodes of Bob’s Burgers and sew up a lil apron to bake in at my apartment come August!

If you aren’t super distracted, I’d say it’d realistically take about 2 hours for most people to complete. (Although it can be longer or shorter depending on how much detailing you add to your apron! Mine is literally as basic as possible).

Here’s my final product, as modeled by Summer:


(Kitchen is post-baking please don’t kill me)

It’s super easy + basically looks like a little dress except for the fact that your butt would show in the back.

Here’s how to make it—

Step 1: materials

Collect your materials: 1-2 cute fabric patterns, scissors, something to measure, pins + a sewing machine (or hand sewing needle), and about 5-6 feet of ribbon. Optional: trims and buttons for decoration.

Step 2: top piece

Choose your fabric for the apron top and cut it so the bottom is 22in and the top is 10in. The top and bottom should be about 14in apart from one another (if you have a little torso, I’d take off up to 3 inches. I’m a 5’11” giant, don’t forget). For the shape, I kept about one inch straight at the bottom starting the curve towards the top.

Tip: Fold your fabric in half to cut both of the curved sides at once, that way it matches well.

Step 3: bottom piece

For the bottom of our apron, you’ll just need a rectangle. Mine was 34 in (width) x 21 in (height). Again, I’m a giant: take off a bit (~1-4in) of the height if you’re afraid it’ll be too long.

Step 4: gather

Next you’re going to want to gather (bunch up) or pleat (fold up, like I did), your bottom material so that its width of 35 “shrinks” to match the 22in length of the top pattern piece. Don’t worry about the placements of the folds being too uneven–we can slide the bunched areas around once it’s sewn.

Step 5: sew line over pinned area

Sew straight over these folds at the top with a long stitch, allowing you to slide around the fabric and even it out once your done.

Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end so the thread doesn’t come undone!

Step 6: Lay pieces together, right sides facing in

Once your skirt is gathered how you like it, you’ll attach the top to it. Make sure you place the top pattern piece FACING DOWN toward the front of your skirt pattern, as pictured, and pin. To restate: Both of the “good sides” of the fabrics are facing one another.

Step 7: pin below gathered stiches

So: right side of skirt should be touching the right side of the apron top. Be sure your pins (and consequently, where you sew these two pieces together) is BELOW the line you sewed to gather the skirt. This way your stitches won’t appear on the other side when we flip the fabrics the “right way.”

Step 8: turn right side out

After sewing the last step, your apron should look like this when you pull back the top piece “right way up.”

Step 9: Hem + add ribbons to tie

For the next few steps, I measured myself in the mirror to see how I’d like my apron to fit. Figure out what lengths you want, and hem the top, bottom, and sides, adding in and sewing over the ends of the ribbon as straps on the top and where the two pieces meet to go around your waist. You’ll have to decide how much ribbon you want to use!

Step 10 (optional): Hand stitch on lace, buttons, or pockets, if you so choose. I didn’t do this because I’m really lazy.

Step 11 (not optional): Bake cookies and then eat them with your friends because you deserve it.

DSC_0122 (1)

Happy sewing/baking!

Hats off. Or on?

Hats off. Or on?

But I really don’t understand–what is hat etiquette?! Am I allowed to wear this thing in buildings, on cloudy days, do you drive with your giant hat on? WHAT IF I HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF AND MY HAT HAIR IS SO BAD? These are the important questions, people.

Turtlenecks in the spring?

Turtlenecks in the spring?

Everyone loves a good turtleneck. Here are my best tips on getting your final spring wear out of what may be the most hated item in everyones closets (#stopthehate):

Summer’s spring

Summer’s spring

Super excited to share some gorgeous + stylish pictures of my friend Summer’s outfit from today! I’m an absolute monster and told her I was taking pictures of her when she came and picked me up, and her response was something like, “but I’m not even wearing anything special.”

Ummmmm girl.

Summer is a really great example of how accessories can make basics (comfy sweater + jeans allll dayyyy) look really chic. This is something I’m really bad at: I think I’ve lost almost every ring, necklace, bracelet, and earring I’ve ever bought. It’s a struggle.

But the rings, that bag, those reflective round glasses!!!! The perfect spring details.

And pink bags are my favorite.


Summer’s wearing: H&M sweater, Hollister jeans, Target shoes, Forever 21 rings, Aldo glasses, Michael Kors purse

Ultimate Vegas Outfit

Ultimate Vegas Outfit

With school coming to a permanent end for me and summer right around the corner, I can’t help but fantasize about my dream vacay- heading to Vegas with my closest friends when I turn 25. So when asked us how we would style a […]

Oh, Mother.

Oh, Mother.

Happy Mothers Day! Obviously April showers bring May flowers (the real kind and the kind ya wear on sunny days), so I guess we kind of ended up working with that this week.

Chella cool

Chella cool

Happy end of Coachella week one/start of Coachella week two.

Nothing quite like seeing all of your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities/socialites/rich hipster friends party it up in the desert with their floral crowns, bedazzled faces, crop tops, and whatever other music festival stereotypes you can think of.

I got some pictures of Olivia’s super-springy outfit this past week. Floral prints, black chucks: we’re going to say this is Raleigh’s class-appropriate version of a Coachella outfit.

All we need is that floral crown Snapchat filter to complete it.



Romper thrifted from Uptown Cheapskate, similar | White crop (layered under) from Urban Outfitters | Similar ring | Black High Top All-Star Converse

Starbs girl

Starbs girl

One time I was wearing this outfit and my friend told me I looked like the Starbucks girl, which is practically a dream come true because why wouldn’t I want to look like a mermaid with two tails who also happens to represent deliciously overpriced lattes and […]