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Why (and how) you should create something every day

Why (and how) you should create something every day

A friend and I were talking about fashion, art, and how much we love creating things in general the other day. He was telling me about how, for a while, he had a goal of creating at least one thing every day, whatever that thing […]

dark brown hair

dark brown hair

Surprise! While I was not blogging I was busy dyeing my hair (oops) (sorry) (are you even surprised). I’m really digging dark brown and it’s a good way to make me stop changing my poor hair, because once you dye it darker it’s nearly impossible to […]

we found a field.

we found a field.


I’m one exam ( for a textile entrepreneurship class that was literally the most inspiring course I’ve ever taken) away from being done with my sophomore year! Woo. *confetti*

Earlier this month I was really REALLY wanting to take photos of some people in a field, which I guess is a weird craving. North Carolina highways have killer random fields of sunflowers and other flowers that I would definitely misname so I’m not going to even try, and my first thought was to pull off on the side of the road to jump in one of those.

That didn’t end up working out because there was no way in h*ck I was pulling my car off on the side of the highway by choice.

Luckily, we found this gorgeous field of wildflowers near the Schenck Forest entrance of Umstead right in Raleigh!! And now every time I look at these pictures I’m like oh my gosh my friends are angels. 








the moderately warm shoulder

the moderately warm shoulder

SPRING JUST HIT. I’m a sucker for fall fashion (#hobochic + layers on layers), but walking around Raleigh’s art museum with an off the shoulder top was really, really, nice. I missed the trend last year, but this year I am ON it. Mostly because I […]



If you’re living in Raleigh and you haven’t taken pictures on Boylan bridge, please hit me up and we can work something out because goodness gracious this is my favorite spot ever. I took some photos with my two friends here today, and I’m absolutely […]

poor timing

poor timing

So for my birthday last November, my sisters all got me a remote and a stand for my DSLR, which I know I really needed so I could stop desperately searching for an Instagram Husband (Olivia and my roommate from last year are my Instagram Husbands, for sure) and finally just take my own pictures.

Because I’m me, and it seemed way more complicated than it actually was, I put it off for a…. well like 5 months. BUT I actually did break it out of it’s package earlier this month to set it up and try and figure it out. As it turns out, the remote was easy to set up, but I’m absolute TRASH at self timed photos.

I can be super impatient (I inch forward like no other at stop lights), so when I couldn’t get my remote to work for the first million and a half photos and was instead just looking like a complete goon in public, I was kind of annoyed. Like, I just like writing and wearing all my favorite clothes at once! I don’t even like photos of myself! Why am I taking these!

….but even thought I felt super silly and awkward, I kept taking photos (PERSEVERANCE FOR NO REASON, YOU GUYS), and it resulted in major resting b*tch face for like, every photo. Except that’s a lie, because I wasn’t resting. It was just me being actively annoyed.

And after an hour, I got a solid two pictures of my outfit in that weren’t blurry. I also stopped trying to hide the remote and just literally used it like I was watching TV or something. Whoops.

So to sum it all up, this isn’t even a real outfit post. It’s more like a learning experience (or a cry for help? Raleigh fashion bloggers who use remote controls to take their photos! I need you in my life! Mentor me!). Next time I’ll be more patient, and I’ll have a better idea of what I’m doing, at least. Ya learn from everything, friends.

And I even included a ***BONUS PIC*** you never asked for of me, right after I put on my makeup, taking my FIRST EVER remote selfie. The pure bliss I felt before I realized I was really bad at using remotes. :’)

And yes that is an adidas visor, and it is almost 100% pointless. Woo!

DSC_0248-2 DSC_0244-2DSC_0221-2

the return

the return

Marking my return to blogging & the start of my sophomore year spring semester by uploading some photos my friend and I took of each other today while trying to kill time! We hit up two of our favorite places in Raleigh (one’s a garden and […]

How to wear drop crotch shorts

How to wear drop crotch shorts

AKA, “How to be the lovechild of Justin Bieber and Sandy from Grease.” I purchased some drop crotch cargo shorts from Mango a while ago and have realized how difficult they are to style (I know Justin Bieber feels me). But who am I to turn away […]

Four Gucci Fall 2016 Trends to Adapt this Season

Four Gucci Fall 2016 Trends to Adapt this Season

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So I’ve recently become sort of obsessed with Gucci after Alessandro Michele took over 1.5 (or 2-ish?) years ago. Honestly, talk about a brand makeover–and their newer, whimsical, colorful, vintage-inspired, in-your-face style is right up my alley.


Even better: someone from Gucci came into one of my NCSU Textiles classes to talk with us about the marketing side of their brand. She wasn’t as into the new image as she loved the more classic/sexy Tom Ford-era Gucci, but still appreciated the new audience and straight up “mastermind-like” creativity that Michele has brought in (and um, hello, they dressed Beyonce on her World Tour sooooooo).

One of my favorite thoughts she left with us was the idea that fashion is all about taking risks. She talked about how a new designer can come in and completely blow a group of people’s minds, but there’s always going to be another group that just doesn’t like it. That’s definitely a risk that Gucci has taken, and it’s definitely paid off for them.


So in honor of my love for Gucci, Michele, and their whimsical looks, here are four trends I plan to follow this fall:


Colored tights

Not to say that a 14-year-old me was the one to personally inspire Gucci into featuring some KILLER teal/red/yellow tights in their Fall 2016 RTW, but #TBT TO WHEN I WORE THESE ALL THE TIME AS A FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL.

I stopped wearing them when a stranger in the bathroom asked me what was wrong with my legs.

HA! Look who’s Gucci now, you rude stranger!!!!

Anyways, you can bet I’m bringing these back.


Monochromatic looks

All black monochromatic looks are super cool, super classic, super easy (I literally just did one, here). But Gucci is a step ABOVE, friends. I want all yellow. All pink. All aqua blue. GIVE ME THAT CRAYON AESTHETIC.


Patterns on patterns

Is there ever such thing as too many patterns in one look? I’m sure if you’re into fashion and reading this you’re like, “no of course not, Theresa, as long as you match the colors in your patterns!” But Gucci is even calling that into question.

So what if your favorite patterns have nothing in common besides being stylish as heck? Wear them together. Abandon all the rules. Embrace the chaos!!


Ugly but beautiful glasses

Did you see my outfit post on Saturday?

Olivia found a pair of these sort of hideous glasses that may or may not have a prescription in them at work. They’re legit Givenchy, and I legit get a headache if I wear them too much, but I feel so fab in them because ugly glasses are kinda super cool again (hello, middle school days).

I hope everyone finds a pair of Givenchy glasses at work today.

And if you left your Givenchy glasses somewhere, I…don’t….have…them.


Pictures at a hotdog stand

Pictures at a hotdog stand

Short preface for this blog post: I told Olivia, who was taking the pictures, that I look like the love child of a hobo and Steve Jobs. Despite that, I still stand by my decision to wear this. So today I’ll be answering any questions […]